Oh No Ross and Carrie

Ross and Carrie Need Answers Now: Emergency Psychics Edition

Episode Summary

With quarantine keeping them inside, Ross and Carrie pay some enterprising clairvoyants for their web-based "emergency psychic services." How old will Ella Poppy live to be? Will Ross have any more children? What will an interesting man bring Carrie?

Episode Notes

Ross and Carrie delve into the world of “emergency psychics.” With quarantine orders keeping most of us inside, it can be hard to get a time-sensitive reading from your go-to storefront psychic. But don’t worry; these enterprising clairvoyants will, for a fee, send you thorough, online readings on a quick deadline. Carrie must URGENTLY find out what surprise item Ross is going to bring her, and how old Ella (her dog) will live to be. Meanwhile, Ross has pressing questions about the November election and his potential future children. These urgent readings CANNOT WAIT! 

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